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Renewable energy in the UK

The UK has made great improvements in becoming more green, however, there is much work to do.

According to the power group Drax, the most recent Christmas Day was the ‘greenest’ on record. 25th December 2016 energy review saw that 40% of the electricity generated came from renewable sources. Compared to the 25% of renewable energy source the year previous, the UK energy system is changing.

Green promises, but no government plans

Following the EU referendum, the government committed to cutting carbon emissions by 57% by 2030. As it stands, this is a very promising and exciting commitment for the renewable energy sector; however, little has been done to execute this. Beyond the 2020 incentive of building more offshore windfarms to support low-carbon energy, no other development has been made upon this commitment.

In an independent government analysis taken upon by Green Alliance, they discovered that renewable energy funding has been lost. More than £1 billion of future investment has been lost within the pipeline of major government infrastructure. Adding to this, much investment the government was to put into wind, solar, biomass power and other waste-to-energy projects will decline. This decrease will reach up to a loss of 95% between 2017 and 2020.

Green Alliance has alluded that renewables will be cheaper than fossil power stations by 2025, but only if the renewable energy sector is nurtured and supported. The loss of support therefore restricts renewables from being subsidy free.  Despite this, the United Kingdom is one of the top countries at battling climate change historically. Since 2010, the UK has invested £52 billion. 

China’s renewable energy promise

China’s investment into their renewable energy should act as a leading influence to the rest of the world. By 2020, they plan to invest £292 billion. This investment will create more than 13 million jobs within the sector and prove vitals in the world’s renewable energy sector. China has recently emerged as the leading global advocate for solar energy. By 2020, the Chinese government has plans to ensure 27% of the country’s total power output is to be supplied through renewable energy. Further, China wants to progress this figure to 80% by 2050.

Vogal’s support of renewable energy

Vogal Project Management is keen for the renewable energy sector to progress further in the future. The UK is faring very well for renewable electricity with progress also in the transport industry, however, the energy sector struggles with the significant heating problem. We are strong advocates of renewable energy. We are a green company and one of our key identified markets is renewable energy.  We support all future ventures to progress renewable energy.


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