5 ways to boost manufacturing efficiency

The manufacturing sector has had a promising start to 2017 and efficiency has never been more critical.  We’ve outlined the top 5 ways to help boost your manufacturing efficiency and to enable your business to thrive.

Cost-effectiveness of sustainability

Businesses need to adopt a long-term sustainability strategy if they are aiming to become a more sustainable and greener manufacturer. Ensure that you are collecting data on your operations and continually monitor your energy consumption. With this information, implement a strategy to reduce energy wastage and reap the efficiency rewards. Moving to renewable energy will enable you to achieve a higher level of sustainability and will help you to meet social responsibility policies.

Embrace automation technology

With advanced automation technology, ‘cobotics’- automated systems working alongside human employees- have become extremely important in the industry. As the industry becomes ever more dependent on digital technology systems, it’s important that businesses use these to their advantage. Developing an automation strategy is fundamental to succeeding and protecting your operations for the coming years whilst it aids your manufacturing efficiency.

‘The Industrial Internet of Things’

Our world is becoming increasingly connected and it’s crucial for manufacturers to use ‘Internet of Things’ technologies to work on complex supply chains and to operate on a global scale. From an efficiency perspective, the ‘Industrial Internet of Thing’s helps manufacturers manage their physical production line and helps to keep things moving. Greater levels of connectivity are benefitting manufacturers in a number of ways including improved levels of efficiency, reduced waste, increased product quality and increased profits.

Implement effective cyber security measures

Research shows that manufacturing is the second highest cyber attacked industry. As a business, cyber security should be at the forefront of your priorities as it protects you, which consequently improves your efficiency. Cyber security measures allow your business to focus on the work and manufacturing rather than have to deal with the growing number of cyber attacks.

Adopt predictive analytics

Manufacturing is no stranger to Big Data and its analytics capabilities but trends suggest a move towards predictive analytics. Predictive analytics, through a series of smart sensors integrated throughout the production process, will provide businesses with meaningful insights and a significant opportunity to allow potential problems to be identified and corrected before they occur. Adopting predictive analytics will not only provide increased levels of efficiency, but also improved margins and the opportunity to push your business forward.