The 10 best engineering inventions of 2016

In 2016, the UK became the 9th largest manufacturer in the world. To celebrate this incredible achievement, we’ve compiled some of the best engineering inventions of 2016. Which was your favourite?


The folding bike helmet

Engineer and keen cyclist Jeff Woolf had been involved in a serious cycling accident and would have died if it wasn’t for his helmet. He wondered why so many people refuse to wear one and the answer was mostly because they are hard to carry around and are too big and bulky to fit in your backpack. Engineer Woolf knew that this could be fixed and he invented a bike helmet that was as strong as traditional counterparts, but also fully flexible enough to fold almost totally flat and making it easy to transport.

The Levitating Light bulb

Simon Morris is applying his passion of floating objects on this light bulb ‘Flyte’. This invention relies on electromagnetism to levitate as well as spin, and relies on wireless power transmission to shine.

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

James Dyson has famously streamlined all kinds of air-centric appliances and most famously vacuums and fans. This new invention of the hairdryer is less noisy and heavy compared to the traditional appliances. Its tiny jet engine like motor reaches 110,000 revolutions per minute making it extremely quiet.


A cutting edge food scanner

This piece of tech can instantly analyse pieces of food to see how many calories they have as well as their nutritional make up.

Apple Airpods

When Apple released their iPhone 7 which didn’t have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, it previewed a compelling alternative. Apple Airpods have microphones built in so that you are able to control your phone via Siri, but they also detect when they’re in your ears allowing you to automatically pause for music.

Amazon Echo

Although the ability to talk to your tech has been around for years, seen specifically in Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa is much more powerful. Since its launch in 2014, Amazon has greatly expanded its functionality by integrating third party apps, enabling you to call a car, turn off lights or even order a pizza.

Hello Sense

The ultimate alarm clock. This piece of technology can improve your sleep by improving humidity, temperature and making sure that the air quality in your bedroom is at a correct rate for you to sleep. It monitors your sleeping cycle and wakes you when you’re least likely to feel grumpy and tired.

Smart fridges

Samsung is another company with its eyes on the smart fridge market. This specific fridge comes with a built in grocery store that allows all users to order items as soon as they run out. Competitor LG have also created a smart fridge which automatically opens the door when you step near it, as well as having a panel that reveals what’s in your fridge.

The No-Touch Thermometer

In past years, the traditional method to measure someone’s temperature has been putting a thermometer under somebody’s tongue and sitting for a few minutes to get an accurate reading. Now a no-touch thermometer has been created, which uses infrared technology to measure core body temperature quickly and precisely. Once this device is placed an inch from a patients forehead, it will tell you the temperature in 2.5 seconds and it colour coded depending on the reading.


Chevrolet Bolt 

General Motors aim to bring a crowd pleasing electric car which can drive more than 200 miles on one single charge. One estimate is that 80,000 Bolts could be sold in 2017. This could be a small step towards reducing planet warming fossil fuels.