Motivating your engineers

Being an engineer doesn’t only teach you aspects such as logical thinking, problem-solving and strong numeracy, but it teaches you to work extremely hard. Motivating your employees is crucial in any business. With these 5 top tips we are sure that you will be able to motivate your engineers effectively.

Every employee loves recognition. Engineers are problem solvers and do-ers, and they certainly don’t want their work to go unnoticed. Whether that’s doing a task that no one else wants to do, or have taken the initiative to do something new, they want to know that somebody has recognised the work that they have undergone.

Establishing a culture in which people regularly thank each and other and express their gratitude to their coworkers can make a happy workforce.

A challenge
Nothing seems to motivate an engineer more than a puzzle to be solved or a problem to be fixed. Engineers are hardwired to examine and apply logic and be the one to solve the riddle.

Opportunities for growth
Many engineers prefer to stay technical rather than going down a management path, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want similar growth opportunities. Providing them with opportunities and goals to reach to become technical leaders within the organization will go a long way towards motivating your engineers.


The most important motivator that every individual needs is respect. Engineers are typically proud of their intelligence and technical aptitude. They like to have their individualism and unique talents respected most importantly.

Be realistic with expectations, but also push them
Engineers are grounded in practicality. Therefore, it is important that you demonstrate that your plans are realistic in terms of being executable, but are also challenging. We wouldn’t have many of todays technologies if engineers were pushed to exceed beyond what they thought were their limitations.

Motivate your engineers with these tips, and start to see a difference in the workplace. Ensure that you are living up to promises. Motivate yourself and create goals for yourself, and others will be likely to follow.